Lawn Mower Test

ISO 5395-3:2014, EN 836:2012

Art. No. #11400

Lawn Mower Test according ISO 5395-3:2014, EN 836:2012 

- PC measuring for stop time lawn mower -

Describtion Recoil Starter

  • Base plate with a slot armature for themflexible attachment of the test specimens.  
  • Dimension base plate ca. 3000 mm x 1600 mm 
  • On the base plate a servo-motor powered starter for engine devices with push pull recoil starter is installed including touchscreen operating panel in the control box.
  • Over the recoil starter the engine equipment can be started automatically.
  • The start of the engine is supervised and can repeat in the event of an error an adjustable number of starting attempts. The starting cycles are freely programmable.