FGT02 - Flex Test Unit

Art. No. #10910

  • wear test unit for Shoes made out of solid aluminium and stainless steel.
  • quality made in Germany.
  • unit designed for operation at a closed climatic chamber system.
  • inclusive our delivery is one safety door switch to stop units if door of climatic chamber is open.
  • unit can be assembled by customer side to a solid work desk by screws.
  • additional safety cover is maybe required (not inclusive at standard delivery please order separate)
  • no Setup by manufacturer is necessary.
  • system will be delivered ready to work easy connection to control box over plugs at back panel.
  • free adjustable Flex Cycles from 5-50 cycles/ minute.
  • cycle counter programmable 0-99999 cycles.


Weartest for the soles of sportshoes

Art. No. #10930

  • Individually adjustable stroke length and frequency.
  • free programmable resting time in the end positions.
  • different rubcoverings can be applied to the rub area (parquet, floor ...).
  • system complete with protective enclosure EMERGENCY-STOP and protective door monitoring.
  • including automatically shoe positioning system appliance.

Laser Shoe Measurement Device

for quality control

Art. No. #10900

  • is used to check the correct placement of the shoe upper parts of the bars.
  • check is carried out by two laser diodes generated crosshairs.
  • allows for a clean installation of the shoe sole with the shoe upper part.
  • high quality BMI laser diodes with high service life and low energy consumption.
  • also in the case of natural light is generated by the laser cross well visible.
  • glare free aluminum base plate with black anodised layer.
  • individual setting options for both laser markers.
  • individually adjustable longitudinally and front stops ensure a clean fixation of the bars in the test device.

Weinmann Wear Test

FGT30-A Typ Adidas

Art. No. #10012

Walking simulation for 6 pc artificial foot simlation Typ OTTO Bock Germany.

Wear test according Adidas requirement FGT30-A

  • inclusive wet simulation water spray system.
  • inclusive weight disc.
  • electronic speed and cycle control system.
  • wall mounting control box 600 x 400 x 200 mm.

Arificial foot available in different sizes. Please give us the size you need. Available are: Size 24 / Size 27 / Size 29