Martindale 4 Station

Abrasion and Pilling Tester M235

Art. No. #04805

  • intuitive 7“ touch display
  • lightweight guide plate and holder for sample holder
  • speed control for user-defined tests
  • suitable for scouring, pilling, socks rubbing, ball plate etc.
  • compact design for minimum laboratory space
  • easy, tool-free switching between rubbing and pilling

Scope of Delivery

  • 4 x sample holder for rubbing
  • 4 x 9 kPa Weights
  • 4 x 12 kPa Weights

Pilling Accessories not included.

Pencil Hardness Device

Art. No. #08404

  • Robust heavy grid-cutting device for a quick review of the adhesion.
  • Cross-cut set ISO complete 6 teeth x 2 mm inclusive Certificate.
  • easily exchangeable cutting
  • non-slip handle
  • can be extended with the Elcometer 141 P.I.G
  • Scope of Delivery, handle, knives, hex wrench, adhesive tape (ISO or ASTM), plastic case, certificate.

Scratch Hardness Test / Stability Test

Linear Typ according to EN 15186

Art. No. #04801-A

  • to the test of surfaces hardness for example at furniture, wood grounds etc.
  • according to ISO1518, EN1153, DIN 68930 and much more.
  • electro motor operated scratch with adjustable load measure 1 - 20N.
  • different scratch units are available for surface testings. 
  • sample dimensions maximum 150 x 90 x 20 mm.

Scratch Hardness Test / Scraper Stability Test

Circular Typ according to EN 15186

Art. No. #04801-B

  • to the test of surfaces hardness for example at furniture, wood grounds etc.
  • according to ISO1518, EN1153, DIN 68930 and much more.
  • basic unit with electric motor (5 RPM) driven turntable       (Ø 115 mm)
  • mounting the sample panels maximum dimensions 100 x 100 x 22 mm or Ø 140 x 22 mm

Scope of Supply

  • adjusting weight with level tube, circular spirit level, hand loup, screwdriver
  • two weights for the areas of 1 N und 10 N
  • transport case and manufacturers test certificate M.
  • power supply 230 VAC/50Hz
  • rocker arm for recording the test tool with device for the radial fine adjustment

Impact Testing after Wegner

according to ISO 4532

Art. No. #04803

To the test of laminat and furniture surfaces                                              as well as to the test of plastic surfaces in according to EN 438-2.

  • the adjustable stranght is between 0 and 90 N.
  • the ball diamenter 5 mm.
  • calibrate certificates resulted inclusive the delivery.

Taber® Abraser Single Test

according to ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN

Art. No. #04802


  • weights 2 x 100g und 2 x 500g.
  • probe unit approximately ca. 108 Ø.
  • 2 pieces sand paper wheel.

Contain industry vacuum cleaner with drax tube in the delivery.

Total Appearance Control

by BYK - Gardner GmbH

Art. No. #04700-A

Color and Gloss in one unit!

micro - TRI - gloss

  • light weight and small size - weighs only 500 g.
  • Ergonomic design - can easily measure difficult                   to access areas.
  • simultaneous 20º, 60º, 85º for shiny and matte sufaces.
  • measure pathlenght steel as both to aluminium.
  • inclusive software easy linkg for professional    documentation in excel.
  • customization of the display to your need                           with memory for 999 values.
  • intuitive pulldown menue with scroll whell.
  • designed buttons for standard and sample readings.

Surface Loading Device

according to ISO 4624 / ISO 2409

Art. No. #04800-B

  • According to ÖNORM EN ISO 4624                                  for the determination of the adhesive strenght of foil slide.
  • According to ÖNORM EN ISO 2409                                  to the evaluation of the adhesion characteristics                      of laminated surfaces (Austrian Standard)
  • Testing Method: At even speed of 8 mm /min the cones pressed into the surface to the steel plate fully rests upon.

Heat Source

according to DIN EN 12722

Art. No. #04800-A

  • Ø cone surface area 100 mm, hight 55 mm.
  • centric drilling Ø 6,5 mm to the measurement of the temperatur (margin of error ± 1º C).


  • Testing Method: A standard block from aluminium according to ISO 209:2007 with a fixed inspection temperature is places ona surface and removed after a certain time again.

Total Appearance Control

by BYK - Gardner GmbH

Art. No. #04700-B


spectro - guide

  • color and gloss in one unit.
  • in compliance with international specification.
  • color (45/0 or sphere) and 60º gloss are displayed at the same time.
  • tolerances for color and gloss allow 
  • quick pass / file decisions in production.
  • A sample of the same color but higher gloss level is visually perceived darker and more daturated than a low gloss sample. In order to get a uniform appearance, both attributes need to be controlled.