Roller Skate Test Bench

EN 13899:2003(D), EN 13613, EN 14219, 

Art. No. #10600

With the standard test bench developed after newest machine guidelines Roller skates can be examinded for their service life.

Roller Skates EN 13899:2003(D), Inlineskates EN 13613, Skateboards EN 14219, Snakeroller, Scooter ... 

  • the test bench orders of a highly competitive agregat about this the test drum is driven.
  • the rollers can be fastened by the integrated standard strips easily.
  • the protective glass from break proof polycarbonat offers sure protection.
  • all 4 sides are freely accessible.
  • the doors have a security door counter the check immediately can be switched off.


  • By the integrated test bench control micro PLC and 
  • test display rea ble to check all relevant parameters 
  • like term, delay test forces ...