Why Testing!

There are many good reasons why manufacturers make a testing laboratory.

By testing products are improved.
New developments should always be examined in detail in your own laboratory..
It identifies vulnerabilities and can thus be eliminated.

The complaint rate is lowered and damage averted by the company.

Standard-compliant tests are recognized for the most part of the testing body and reduce testing costs.
A well-equipped laboratory clean reflects your own attitude to the product again, and is a high quality advertising medium.

A testing laboratory may well be strengthened as a showroom, large corporations know this specifically to use in advertising.

Lead visitors through the laboratory, so that you demonstrate competence and win sympathy.

There are probably even more good reasons

Only someone who knows his limitations, learns to master this.

Deliberately exceeded in testing the limits of endurance.

Andreas Venhoff

(Head of Quality Assurance Hülsta Werke)