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Conveyer Test Bench

Durability Test according EN 1888with irregular surface area Typ A+B/EN

Arm simulation according EN1888 with push fixation. Delivery including programmable test bench control in a 19" labor table housing.



Technical Data

Dimensions: 1400 b x 2500 l x 2200 h mm
Voltage: 400 VAC - 3ph/16A
Speed: adjustable between 3 and 10 km/h
Weight: ca. 300 kg

Conveyer with obstacles

Art. No. #08900-C
Obstacle Typ A + Typ B 8900C


Flexibel fixation arm for Stroller test

Art. No. #08900-B


Free following Fixation arm to X – Y and Z direction.


Test Dummy for Baby Buggy
according to EN 1888 Test Dummy D

The test dummy D is a dummy from a stiff material
with a smooth surface and a mass from (9 ± 0,1) kg
all corner curvatures are (10 ± 0,1) to mm.



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