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Steam Pot Test Rig

according to EN 12778

Different standart Examinations can be arranged according EN12778.

  • Aluminum test rig with polycarbonate clearly protection chamber
  • Test Rig with safety switches and magnetic tumbler


On basis of national instrument DASYLab the sequence can be forced and documented. The pressure is regulated after normative, user defaults over fully automated servo valves. Optionally over an 2kW heating plate and our universally test bench controll typ LOGO can be determined also the normative steam pressures and limit values.


An integrable high pressure aggregate is available as accessorie, which test pressures. Water supply reservoir at a test specimen upto max.14 bar. The test have to be attached to an external exhaustion (hose connection Ø 100 mm)



Technical Data:

air pressure: 6 -8 bar
Voltage: 230 V 16 A plug socket
fresh water: ½“ Wasserhahn Standard
liquid waste: drainage - siphon Ø 50 mm
power external exhaustion: min. 500 m3/h